Monday, March 19, 2012

When Life Throws You Curves

Undoubtedly, when you think you have things figured out change occurs. Some say that change makes life interesting. But, when diabetes is involved, change just means problems. As most of you know, blood sugar is affected by stress, illness, exercise patterns and, of course, what we eat. But, what if you've maintained your good blood sugar levels for some time and then your levels raise? What then?

I first started to examine my eating habits to see if something was different. Then, I reconsidered whether my exercise program was enough. Lastly, I monitored whether I was somehow missing my medications. These things do occur due to human error. I found that nothing had significantly changed except that I was drinking more coffee. Coffee had not affected me before. So, I started to read up.

There are pro and cons about diabetes and coffee. But, as is the case in everything we consume, we need to see how it affects us individually. As I said before, coffee hadn't affected me before. Did I say that I used creamer in my coffee? Yes, you guessed it. The increased creamer changed my blood sugar levels enough to make morning levels pretty high (167).

Being a relatively smart guy, I dropped the creamer entirely and so dropped my blood sugar levels. Currently, my morning levels average 100. Much better than before. Such a little thing, I thought, changed everything. So, I think we really need to take great care in our habits. Also, read labels to find out how much sugar things contain. Plus, educate yourself of the other names of sugar, ie. powdered corn syrup extract. Well, I'm doing better. I hope for maintained good blood sugar levels and health to all of you.


Friday, June 24, 2011

A Rough Start

No one ever prepares you for the moment you are told you have diabetes. Although type 2 ran in my family, I somehow felt it would pass me over. But, it didn't. Honestly, I was angry. I was angry with what having diabetes meant. I was angry with the changes in lifestyle that I felt forced to make. I was angry with the death of the life I once knew. I was angry at everyone and no one in particular. That was 20 years ago. Do I still get angry? Yes, I've accepted my life. But, I do allow myself to feel mildly depressed and angry on occasion. It just helps remind me what I have and the need to be around as long as I can.

Issues, issues, issues with eating, exercise, medicine and day to day life are a constant. These never go away. However, it does get easier. You get into a pattern of living with which you can rely on. Relying on your doctor's advice and nutritionist (if you have one - I don't) help, will help in making great strides in maintaining blood sugar levels. But, also get on websites and blogs dealing with diabetes for other ideas and support. I personally found these to be very helpful, in that, everyday people present everday solutions to everyday problems. Doctors tend to be, at least mine, matter a fact about my problems. It's do it or die. I've found that there are shades of gray in dealing with diabetes. My doctor would have me eat small salads and drink water only, in my mind anyway. But, this isn't real life. I've found many ways to eat and not feel overly deprived. I'm sure you can too.

Dealing with diabetes can be difficult at times but do deal with it. I've lost some physical capabilities due to diabetes and that's with efforts to keep blood sugars as normal as possible. I do not want to imagine where I would be by ignoring it. I'll make some suggestions on eating and self care and general emotions to maintain good blood sugars levels. Am I perfect, God no. But in that imperfection comes unique insight that I am able to share. Hopefully, if I get followers, they will give me topics of discussion. Until then, I will write as things occur to me or if personal difficulties arise. I wish everyone a happy and healthy life. Remember, diabetes is not something we have earned or deserved to acquire. It is a condition that comes from living life and sometimes from our family line. Therefore, keep on living because life is good. That alone should keep us going.